Retractable Awnings

At Leisure Time Canvas we use top quality fabrics and materials to suit the needs of the customer and retain the integrity of the products we manufacture. Our Products are manufactured and installed by our own trained professionals and are not outsourced. Our products and installations are warrantied. We have an extensive variety of materials to choose from with endless colors and patterns to meet your needs.
Many companies use what is referred to as a “chain stitch” when products are sewn. We only use what is referred to as a “lock stitch”. We prefer the lock stitch over a chain stitch because it is a much stronger and longer lasting stitch; as the chain stitch tends to easily unravel and does not last in these types of applications well. Leisure Time Canvas uses a high-quality industrial grade polyester blended thread available in many different colors. We also offer the option of using Tenara thread made by the Gore-Tex Company. Tenara thread will never mold, mildew or discolor from sun exposure and are warrantied separately by the manufacturer.

  • Add shade at the push of a button
  • Covers made from 100% acrylic fabric
  • Custom fabricated to fit your home
  • Variety of high-quality brands to choose from
  • Variety of fabrics and colors
  • Motorized options available
  • Sturdy aluminum framing
  • Lock stitch hem
  • 14 to 20-year cover life expectancy
  • Lifetime Warranty Tenara Thread available

Food for thought: If a retractable awning was intended to be left out in the rain, why would anyone design a sensor that retracted it when it rains?

Stationary Canopies

With the ability to custom fabricate a product to suit your needs and budget we are able to offer many options such as year-round coverage or seasonal coverage, screen enclosures with removable panels available in many styles, aluminum railings and several other options to fit your home and personal needs.

  • Create additional living space while enjoying the outdoors
  • Our canopies are made in-house and all parts are 100% American made
  • Custom fabricated to fit your home
  • Custom 2.5″ or 4″ sturdy aluminum frame support
  • 1″ galvanized tubing frame
  • Covers made from 100% acrylic fabric
  • Custom screen window and door options
  • Variety of fabrics and colors to choose from
  • 10-year Manufacturer warranty
  • Lock stitch hem
  • Double thickness valance
  • Zippered or Velcro sleeves allowing canopy systems to tolerate extremely windy conditions
  • Additional attachment sleeves or tension lugs also fabricated with 100% acrylic
  • 14 to 20-year cover life expectancy
  • Lifetime Warranty Tenara Thread available
  • Offseason removal and storage service available

Fabric Doorway Canopies

Our frames are custom fabricated using high-grade custom welded aluminum that will last for years while being able to handle the harsh New England elements year round. Our fabric covers are sewn in a manner where we place our seams to withstand an extreme snow load!

  • Variety of fabrics and colors to choose from
  • Available in custom styles and sizes
  • Custom fabricated Aluminum framing
  • Custom made to fit your home
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Reduces summer cooling costs up to 20% while also protecting your entryway from harsh elements

Fabric Window Awnings

Windows become hot spots during warm weather. Direct sunlight streams through windows and raises interior temperatures. Indirect sunlight reflected from the ground, sidewalks, and other structures intensifies the effect of direct sunlight. As light passes through your window the temperature of the glass rises and radiates additional heat into your home. Shading these windows with decorative fabric awnings is one of the most effective ways of reducing solar heat gain during the hot summer months.

Studies conducted by the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning have found that awnings reduce heat gain by fifty-five to sixty-five percent on a southern exposure and by seventy-two to seventy-seven percent on a western exposure.

  • Made from 100% acrylic fabric
  • We fabricate longest lasting awnings in the industry
  • Our window awnings are made in-house and all parts are 100% American made
  • Custom fabricated to fit your home
  • Variety of fabrics and colors to choose from
  • Double thickness valance
  • Fullback hem
  • 1/2″ galvanized steel rod or pipe framing
  • Lock stitch hem
  • 14 to 20-year cover life expectancy
  • Lifetime Warranty Tenara Thread available
  • Reduces summer cooling costs up to 20%
  • Offseason removal and storage service available for local customers


Available 3 season removable awnings or permanently welded aluminum frame awnings, depending on your needs and preferences. Our 3 season awnings can help to reduce summer cooling costs up to 20%; while our permanent welded frame awnings will also help to keep heat inside during winter months. Contact us today for a Free Quote.

Aluminum Awnings & Canopies

Provide years of beautiful protection to your home with aluminum awnings by Leisure Time Canvas Inc. Manufactured of rust-free aluminum with an all-white extruded aluminum frame, our aluminum awnings offer an attractive and practical covering for your doors and windows. Reflected light from the white undercoat will blend with any décor.

Our aluminum awnings are offered in fifteen colors and several styles to complement your home. You can also add decorative Scroll arms. We offer complete installation service for our local customers. We ship nationwide.

  • Variety of color patterns to choose from
  • Custom made to fit your home
  • Installation provided for local customers
  • Custom powder coated colors available
  • Available in custom styles and sizes
  • 100% Aluminum, will never rust
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Reduces summer cooling costs up to 20% while reducing heating costs in winter months by helping your home retain heat

Commercial Applications

We offer a variety of solutions for your commercial needs. Whether you need to cover a doorway, walkway, patio, windows or all of the above! The possibilities are endless. Our products can increase your business visibility while providing beauty and shelter to your business. Our quality custom made products are guaranteed to “wow” your customers!


Leisure Time Canvas Inc entryway marquees offer durability and protection second to none. The frames are 100% custom fabricated to fit each location exactly as needed. Dress up your entry with vibrant color and a look that says “Welcome!” Side curtains can be added to your marquee to provide additional protection from New England’s tough weather conditions. We use custom made aluminum framing and and array of top quality fabrics to suit your business needs.

Entrance Awnings

Leisure Time Canvas offers custom-made entryway way awnings in a variety of styles to compliment your business. Our fabrications are engineered to meet the strong needs of our New England climate providing year-round coverage. Our trained professionals can recommend the right product for your business while still being able to cater to the style and needs of your business.

Illuminated Storefront Awnings

Our commercial grade custom manufactured illuminated awnings can be made more than one way. We can provide your business with a backlit awning which has lighting underneath the awning structure providing more light to your storefront or we can also fabricate what is referred to as an illuminated storefront awning which also has lighting. What makes an illuminated storefront differ however, is the awning cover has a “glow” effect as well as providing lighting under the awning. In either application, you and your customers will appreciate the ambiance and visibility of your business. Whether you send us a design concept or have one of our trained professionals provide you with a concept, we will meet your needs and beautify your business.

Marine Covers

Leisure Time Canvas Marine Products consist of a wide range of covers to suit your needs.

Whether it’s a Bimini top with a custom bent stainless steel frame, a flybridge cover to protect your expensive equipment, a mooring cover to protect the entire boat or a cockpit cover to keep your interior looking new for years, you can be sure that with a cover fabricated by Leisure Time Canvas Inc, the right material has been chosen for the job.

Rest assured that the limited leisure time you have to enjoy your boat in our short New England boating season will not be spent fighting a cover that’s too small or just doesn’t do what it’s expected to do.

Expect to be impressed with our top quality designs, top quality materials and top quality craftsmanship with the best warranties in the industry.

  • Convertible Tops
  • Bimini Tops
  • Enclosures
  • Mooring Covers
  • Cockpit Covers
  • Bow Covers
  • Upholstery

Industrial Products

Leisure Time Canvas, Inc. custom covers can be fabricated from a variety of materials to suit your industrial needs. Send us your blueprints for a quote. If these aren’t available, that’s okay too. Contact our office to arrange to have one of our qualified fabricating technicians design it for you.

  • Industrial Products
  • Machine Covers
  • Aerospace Industry Covers
  • Insulated Bulkhead Systems
  • Custom Orders
  • Endless possibilities

Maintenance / Do's & Don'ts

Leisure Time Canvas Inc offers several services to fit your needs. We offer cleaning, waterproofing and repairs as well. Keep your awnings looking new for years to come with services from Leisure Time Canvas Inc. We’ve got you covered!

For our local customers, we also offer complete removal of fabric awnings and canopies at the end of each season and installation in the spring. Your awnings can be stored for the winter months as well.